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At G2 Ocean, we welcome public interest in our performance and projects and we will always do our utmost to provide transparent information when commercially possible. 

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G2 Ocean adds two more ammonia-ready vessels to its fleet

G2 Ocean is expanding its carrying capacity by adding two more ammonia-ready 82,300 dwt Open Hatch vessels to its fleet. CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Longxue will build the vessels which will be delivered in 2026. G2 Ocean has achieved...

G2 Ocean improves on Climate Index

G2 Ocean has made significant strides in the 2023 PwC Climate Index. After being placed in the lowest performance category in 2022, the company now secured a spot in Category 3, signifying its commitment to good climate reporting and...

G2 Ocean fleet strengthened to improve service offerings

G2 Ocean's fleet is strengthened with up to four ammonia-ready 82,300 dwt Open Hatch vessels, a 55,889 dwt Semi Open vessel, and shareholder options declared on previously leased vessels as part of the company’s fleet strategy. As...

Meet G2 Ocean at Breakbulk Middle East in Dubai

For the first time in company history, G2 Ocean will be represented with a booth at the Breakbulk Middle East transportation conference and exhibition in Dubai. The conference takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai,...