G2 Ocean releases public version of its digital shipping platform MyG2 for enhanced supply chain collaboration

Jun 20, 2023

G2 Ocean opens its digital shipping platform, MyG2, to business partners to drive enhanced collaboration in the supply chain, provide better visibility and allow users to make better-informed decisions.

“We are excited to bring the benefits of MyG2 to our business partners. By providing access to our platform, we’re helping to create a more connected and efficient shipping ecosystem,” says Benedicte Hjelle Størksen, Innovation Director at G2 Ocean.

With the newly released Public MyG2, not only customers, but also business partners such as port agents, freight forwarders, and spot customers can view and access G2 Ocean shipping-related information.

Upon completion of a simple, automated self-registration process, business partners will instantly get access to G2 Ocean’s sailing schedules, cargo tracking tool, fleet list, and port agent search. Regular customers of G2 Ocean will gain these features and other tools related to their shipments.

    By opening up MyG2 to third-party users, we’re making it easier for our partners to access the information they need to make informed decisions. This will help to streamline the shipping process and ultimately provide a better experience for everyone.

    Benedicte Hjelle Størksen

    Innovation Director, G2 Ocean