We believe in continuously looking for more efficient ways of working. Digital solutions are incorporated in how we work, and we strive to make shipping with us as easy as possible for our customers.

The amount of documents and information in the shipping industry is overwhelming. Our systems make it easier to keep track, to get the right documents when you need them, and to find what you need, when you need it.

Your cargo is closely tracked all the time, and through our systems you may follow your cargo on it’s way to it’s destination. Notifications, custom authority integration and 24/7 support are obvious solutions for us.  We always to to make shipping your goods easier for you.

If you are interested in any of our services, tell your contact in G2 Ocean, or contact the office closest to you.

EDI services

We offer Electronic Data Interchange Services, easily exchanging important business documents with you, like Shipper’s manifests, Bills of Lading, manifests, invoices, and arrival and departure notices.

Arrival and departure notifications

We will notify you by e-mail when the ship with your cargo depart. The same happens at arrival at discharge port – all based on subscription. Our agents will also notify separately 10 days in advance of arrival.


EDOC and Starport are our two agency and shipper portals. They provide cargo documentation, disbursement accounts, Cargo Release Management, Arrival Notices, Mate’s receipts and various other documents.

Starport for shippers and freight forwarders

A separate part of Starport is for shippers and freight forwarders. Here you can create and print B/Ls via EDI, direct input or by copying previous bills. You’ll also get automatic e-mail notifications on status changes.

Vessel tracking

Through our Bill of Lading search you may track the vessel your cargo is on from departure to arrival, monitoring position and ETA. The service is only available during transit.

ETA monitoring

Sometimes the estimated time of arrival (ETA) may change. We have automated notification on these changes, filtered by G2 Ocean employees to ensure the shipper is correctly informed at all times.

Customs and border security

Our systems have electronic integration with customs authority systems in USA, Canada and the EU. This ensures efficient and timely passage through customs.

Cargo release management

Our cargo release management expedites cargo release, and make sure you maintain your logistics efficiency.