Our core fleet of over 100 vessels, mainly of similar design, gives us the flexibility to interchange ships for quick scheduling response. Our specialised vessels cater to particular cargo needs, such as high heat. Our onboard cranes lifting up to 70 tonnes give us the freedom to load and discharge efficiently anywhere, whether quayside facilities are equipped, or not.

Our advanced cargo handling equipment gives customers peace of mind because their shipments are handled with care. Our staff keep a steady watch on every aspect throughout every voyage. Our Research and Development team is continuously looking for the latest innovations, enabling us to always be a few steps ahead.


G2 Ocean operates the world’s largest fleet of open hatch gantry crane and jib crane vessels with box-shaped holds to maximise stowage and minimise cargo handling.


We operate vessels with different cranes, mainly gantry cranes and jib cranes. With our Fleximax II, Fleximax III and L-class vessels, we also have jib cranes that work in tandem for those hard to handle cargoes.


Our specialised equipment are perfectly suited for our diverse fleet. G2 Ocean’s in-house technicians, and our approved maintenance partners, ensure that our equipment is maintained to top standards.

IT systems

Our Digital and Process department work continuously to improve our systems to serve our customers the best way possible. With us, you will get the information you need, when you need it.