MyG2 is G2 Ocean’s digital customer platform. It gives you full visibility and access to live data and information related to all your business activities with G2 Ocean.

Having all information of the entire voyage journey in one centralised system can significantly improve the effectiveness and costs of your logistics management

MyG2 manages your shipments securely and effectively from booking to delivery – all in one system.

Key Features

MyG2 was launched in November 2020.

New features and functionality will be added during 2021 as a result of a frequent upgrade strategy. 

Live Sailing Schedules


Booking of Shipments

For Contract of Affreightment customers

Find and Edit Bookings

For Contract of Affreightment customers

Live-track Vessels, Orders and Shipments


Access Vessel and Cargo Information

Find Performance Data

Perform Statistical Analysis on Historical Data

To be included in 2021

Access Document Archive

To be included in 2021


Sailing Schedule
Get a complete and always up-to-date visibility of planned ship movements, including vessel and port schedules – all in one place.
Shipment Tracking
With MyG2, you can trace your cargo and view all document details of the shipment – from booking to the discharge port.
Control Your Shipments
Get peace of mind for your shipments with MyG2. In just one click, you can view all cargo related information, improving your business efficiency and control.

Key Benefits

The MyG2 platform is specifically designed to improve the effectiveness of customers’ logistics management. Key benefits includes:

One centralised system

MyG2 allows you to have all information related to your business relationship with G2 Ocean in one system.


Live shipping data is shared with the users of MyG2, which ensures complete transparency in our information.

Data Security

The features of MyG2 will be based on data stored in G2 Ocean’s systems. High security systems avoid unauthorized access, sharing, and information leakage.

Access Management

Through MyG2’s access management function, you can easily grant employees or others the right to use the platform.


In just one click, you can get all G2 Ocean related information at hand, improving your business efficiency and control.


MyG2 can be integrated with individual customer systems to automate transactions and transfer data related to i.e. bookings, including milestones and performance data.

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