Project Cargo Services

Project Cargo is one of G2 Ocean’s expertise areas. To ensure excellent around the clock customer service, we have a global customer support team of dedicated project cargo specialists.

In addition to offering traditional port-to-port shipping, we work with partners to develop tailor-made end-to-end logistics solutions for large and complex projects.

Our dedicated technical and engineering teams conduct regular risk assessments and always put safety first. G2 Ocean engineers also assist clients in designing and developing methods and equipment for handling specialized cargoes.

Project Cargo Expertise

Oversized, heavy, and complex cargo deserves special attention. As a pioneer within the open hatch segment, we have the expertise to manage the challenges presented during project cargo shipments.

Our team of project cargo professionals, including inhouse engineering team, will plan and execute the transport of your cargo in a safe, cost-efficient and timely manner.

We are shipping experts in the following segments: 


Onshore Wind


Offshore Wind






Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals







Project Cargo Fleet

G2 Ocean’s fleet consists of 100 Open Hatch and 25 Conventional Bulk vessels, with a lift capacity up to 150 metric tons, depending on the class.

Our extensive fleet gives us the flexibility to handle large and complex project cargoes.

With box-shaped cargo holds, tween decks and large flush decks, our vessels provide significant competitive advantages for our customers.

Wind Energy Projects

G2 Ocean specialises in wind energy transportation. We have provided tailor-made shipping solutions for the wind energy industry since the late 1990s.

Whether your project is onshore or offshore, we offer global ocean transport and engineering services. Together with our partners, we can provide an extended scope and added value services to our customers.

In our daily work serving the wind industry, health and safety always come first.

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