The first G2 Ocean vessels at sea

Our first vessels are branded with the G2 Ocean name and logo, and are on route with their cargo as G2 Ocean vessels.

Star Kvarven

From May 1st, vessels sailing for G2 Ocean have started to be rebranded . They will have the G2 Ocean logo on the funnel, a G2 Ocean charterer’s flag, and the name of the company on the ship’s side. G2 Ocean vessels will all have black funnels, and blue or black hulls.

Lawin Arrow is the first fully rebranded ship in the G2 Ocean fleet of 130 vessels. Star Kvarven is partly rebranded. With that many vessels, the rebranding will take time, but we will not be taking them out of service to do this. Instead, the rebranding will happen as the vessels go into dock to ensure continued high quality service to our customers.