As the leading carrier of unitised pulp, newsprint, fibre board and other forest products, G2 Ocean understands how susceptible these commodities are to temperature fluctuation and moisture damage and how to prevent the damage from happening.

To control temperature and prevent condensation, we have equipped our vessels with forced draft ventilation and dehumidification plants. Our specialised cargo handling equipment, some of it purpose-designed, ensures safe handling during loading and discharge.

Forest products have been our main commodities since the early 1960’s, and still accounts for more than 50 percent of what we do today. Wood pulp is normally shipped in bales of around 250 kg, unitised into 6- or 8-bale units.

Fluff pulp (normally shipped in rolls) is primarily used in hygiene products, and the cleanliness requirements are very stringent.  This is a very fast-growing commodity for us as shippers realise that we compete effectively with containers on outturn quality.

Other typical contract cargoes are kraft linerboard in big rolls, as well as newsprint, plywood, OSB and MDF. Various other board products as well as cut lumber also moves in large but less predictable volumes around the world.