Increasing frequency to San Diego

G2 Ocean have offered breakbulk services to California for more than 40 years. We are now strengthening our services, with added sailings to San Diego.

California has always been an important area for us and our predecessors, Gearbulk and Grieg Star. For more than 40 years we have had regular trade routes from Northern Europe to the Pacific States of the USA.

For some time, we have had sailings to San Diego four to five times a year. We have now more than doubled that to 12 sailings per year. That means more flexibility for our customers in Northern Europe and California. It also opens up for new opportunities, and shows our lasting commitment to this important trade route.

What is special about the G2 Ocean vessels is our ability to handle a wide mix of cargo in each sailing. We handle breakbulk, steels, metals, bulk, and project cargo – including heavylifts. And we can do it all on the same ship on the same sailing. That means our customers can trust us with their cargo regardless of volume or complexity.