How complex cargo should be handled

We know you take great pride in your products. We know you want them to be the best. We know you want us to handle them accordingly. And we do. Every day our teams all over the world work hard to make sure that the cargo you trust in us arrives in perfect condition.


Even if G2 Ocean has not been around for more than a short time, we have the experience. G2 Ocean is a joint venture between Gearbulk and Grieg Star. And the same specialists who handled cargo and operations for Gearbulk and Grieg Star for years, continue to do the same for us. Our procedures and systems build on experience from the 1960’ies and onward.

That does not mean that things are done the same way they always have. G2 Ocean has a high focus on innovating and improving. We believe in always looking for a better way to do things. That is why we love to talk with our customers about the project we are about to carry out together. How to best load, secure, transport and discharge the cargo. After all: you know your cargo best.

The ships

We have a fleet of 130 ships. Most of these are what we call Open Hatch vessels – a type of multi purpose vessels.The beauty of these vessels are that the holds are formed more or less as a shoe box. That makes it easy to load and discharge. And you will never have to worry if your cargo will fit through a small opening. If your cargo can fit in the holds, it can be loaded. And if it is too big for the holds, we will securely transport it on deck. We have for years transported those long wind turbine blades to dusins of win turbine projects, safely placed on the deck of one of our Open Hatch ships.

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The cranes

Our ships all have their own cranes, being able to load and discharge your cargo without help from the outside. Depending of ship type, each crane can lift up to 75 metric tons – or up to 150 metric tons if we lift in tandem. But that does not mean we will not be able to handle anything heavier. If needed we have a great relationship with all the ports we visit, and shore cranes are often a good solution to uphold the safety and quality.

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The equipment

We know that lifting and storing cargo the wrong way, may harm the cargo. That is why we have developed a whole range of equipment to make sure that even the most fragile of cargo is unharmed and safe while travelling with us. And we never stop trying to find better ways to do this. We use our own workshops as well as partners to continuously improve.

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The cargo

Over the years we have developed expertise within transporting a wide variety of cargo. Paper, metals, pipes, orange juice, wind turbine parts, yachts, trucks and all kinds of other project cargo. We believe that if something can be lifted, it can be transported by us.

Have a look at some of the different cargoes we have transported.

Our systems

Travelling the oceans is a challenging task. Storms and bad weather may affect when the ship arrives. We believe we owe you, as our good customer, insights in where your cargo is and when it is expected to arrive. Regardless of weather. That is why we have developed systems for monitoring ETA, notifying you on arrival time – and giving you the possibility to check the situation yourself. And our developers have made a lot more systems to make shipping with us easy and hassle free.

Please have a look!

Where we go

Unlike conventional bulk, our Open Hatch ships travel the world in defined routes, with predefined ports. You will always know which ports the vessel will visit, and when it will be where. You will know when your cargo leave the home port, and when you can expect it to arrive. That makes it easy for you to plan ahead.

This interactive map show all our trade routes world wide.

Our partners

We believe working together is better than trying to do everything on your own. That is why we have a vast network of agents and operators all around the world. And we do not force you to talk to us alone, but would love for you to contact our agents directly. Using the trades map or our search engine, you will always get info on who is the local agent where you are planning to ship your cargo.

Contact us!

G2 Ocean has 15 offices around the world. That means you always can talk to someone in our team close to you. That means local expertise, local language and no need to wait for someone on the other side of the world to wake up.

Here you will fin contact info to all our offices.