G2 Ocean receives vessel speed reduction award

Sep 17, 20210 comments

G2 Ocean has earned recognition from the port of San Diego for its efforts to ensure compliance with standards that call for vessels to slow down to a 12-knot average speed at 20 nautical miles of the shore.

“We are truly honoured to have received this recognition from the Port of San Diego. This is a proud moment for us and highlights the important work we are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain,” says Operations Director Anthony Damron at G2 Ocean.

On 14 September, G2 Ocean received the Michelle White Environmental Award from the Port of San Diego – a recognition given to shipping companies for its stellar voluntary compliance with the Port’s Vessel Speed Reduction program.

The program is a voluntary strategy to reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from cargo and cruise ships by reducing vessel speed to 12-knots in the vicinity of San Diego Bay.

“G2 Ocean has maintained exceptional compliance with the Port’s Vessel Speed Reduction Program, exceeded the Port’s Climate Action Plan target of 80% compliance with a 12-knot average speed at 20 nautical miles since 2017, and exceeding 90% compliance in 2019 and 2020, warranting special recognition,” the nomination from the Port of San Diego reads.

The vessel crew, vessel owners, and the G2 Ocean staff have all contributed to achieving this high status. Without their commitment, we would not have received this recognition – thanks to all involved.

Anthony Damron

Operations Director, G2 Ocean

Reducing CO2

G2 Ocean’s efforts at speed optimization contribute to the Port’s projected overall objective of reducing 3,948 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year from vessel speed reduction.

“In shipping, it is all about velocity in getting their ship to their next port of call to discharge or load cargos. Hence, we appreciate G2 Ocean’s continued partnership and voluntary participation in the Vessel Speed Reduction, especially during these difficult economic times,” the statement from the Port of San Diego reads.

G2 Ocean will continue working systematically to reduce vessel emissions not only in this area but also at other ports all over the world.