G2 Ocean named Logistics Supplier of the Year by Klabin

Oct 3, 2022

G2 Ocean is named Klabin’s Logistics Supplier of the Year based on the company’s ability to deliver sustainable and innovative shipping solutions.

G2 Ocean has been honoured with the Klabin Logistics Supplier of the Year Award for 2021/2022.

Klabin is Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper and an important business partner for G2 Ocean.

The Supplier of the Year award was given to 19 of Klabin’s partners around the world for their ability to contribute to the continuous development of the company by delivering innovative and sustainable services. G2 Ocean was recognised as one of three winners in the ‘Logistics’ category.

“Klabin Suppliers of the Year Award recognizes the enormous contribution of these companies that are always with us, further strengthening these partnerships and fostering the best practices to ensure increasingly greater alignment with the values of ethics, transparency and respect for the environment advocated by the company. We want to collaborate with the development of our suppliers to make our chain increasingly more sustainable,” said Roberto Bisogni, Director of Operational Planning, Logistics, Procurement, and IT at Klabin.

G2 Ocean received the award at the Inova Klabin event held in São Paulo, Brazil on 21 September.

“We are honoured to be part of Klabin’s success and very grateful for this recognition,” says Arthur English, Chief Executive Officer at G2 Ocean.

“Customer focus is of utmost importance across our company. This award is an attestation of the hard work and commitment of our employees who go above and beyond every day to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver shipping services that are not only innovative and sustainable but also safe and reliable,” he adds.

The winners were assessed over a six-phase process defined by Klabin. The full regulations and the selection process are available on Klabin’s official website.


The following are the winners of the Klabin Suppliers of the Year Award, Logistics category:

  • G2 Ocean
  • Costa Teixeira
  • Agrisolo

We are honoured to be part of Klabin’s success and very grateful for this recognition

Arthur English

Chief Executive Officer, G2 Ocean