G2 Ocean launches its first Sustainability Report

Nov 4, 20200 comments

As part of G2 Ocean’s commitment to long-term sustainable value creation, the company is launching its first sustainability report. “Based on these results, we will set ambitious targets to improve our performance,” says CEO Arthur English.

“By working together as one team, focusing on high performance, and continuous improvement, we managed to initiate a variety of projects in 2019, and I am proud of our achievements,” says Chief Executive Officer Arthur English.

The Sustainability Report released by G2 Ocean on 4 November gives a comprehensive representation of the company’s environmental, social, and economical performance in 2019.

Arthur hopes the report will help nurture a culture of openness and continuous improvement.

“The results presented in this report creates a solid foundation for G2 Ocean which enables us to further develop and integrate sustainability into our business processes, both to manage risks and create opportunities,” English says.

Improved Fuel Performance

G2 Ocean’s operations impact society in the form of global goods supplies, purchase of goods and services, employment, and corporation tax.

To ensure sustainable shipping operations, the company has implemented several measures, especially focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving waste management.

The actions have proven to be effective; in 2019, G2 Ocean reduced its carbon, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 3; 19.6 and 3.1 per cent, respectively.

“We are pleased with the progress we’ve made in reducing our emissions. Based on these results, we will set ambitious targets to further improve our performance,” English says.

Key Achievements

Other key achievements from the report include:

Among top 19 eco-friendly businesses

G2 Ocean received the Blue Circle Award from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority in 2019. The honour was given to the top 19 shipping companies to reduce emissions and conserve energy in the city’s port.

Blockchain Bill of Lading

G2 Ocean is increasingly using blockchain technology for distributing and issuing Bill of Lading documents. The solution helps customers in improving trade documentation efficiency, reducing costs, and managing risks.

17,300 web slings recycled

To protect the environment from plastic pollution, 17,300 of our polyester web slings have been recycled. 9,547 were processed in 2019 – an increase of 22 per cent in one year.

Developing digital customer platform

As a major step towards improving our customer service, G2 Ocean is developing a digital platform for its customers; MyG2. The web-based platform will give customers access to live data and information related to various business activities, including Live Schedules, Cargo Booking and Shipment Tracking. By digitalising the customer’s journey, G2 Ocean hopes to enhance the effectiveness of customers’ logistics management and reduce paper consumption, improving both customer satisfaction and business sustainability.

More information
  • The report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards Core Option. This to ensure a balanced and reasonable representation of G2 Ocean’s contributions towards the goal of sustainable development
  • To ensure transparency and accountability of sustainability performance and impacts – whether positive or negative – and allow stakeholders to follow and compare yearly progress, G2 Ocean will issue annual Sustainability reports.

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