G2 Ocean joins Alliance to advance diversity, equity and inclusion

May 24, 2022

Together with 24 industry partners, G2 Ocean proudly joins the All Aboard Alliance to create a sustainable, innovative and attractive maritime industry.

On 24 May, G2 Ocean announced that it is joining forces with 25 industry partners in establishing a new Alliance for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive maritime industry – the All Aboard Alliance.

Following discussions at the Global Maritime Forum’s High-Level Meeting, the All Aboard Alliance was established to significantly improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the maritime industry through the collaboration and actions of its member companies.

G2 Ocean joins the Alliance with a group of companies united by a common belief in the critical role that diversity plays in creating a sustainable, innovative, and attractive maritime industry. A complete list of the founding members is included below.

“At G2 Ocean, we are proud to have 24 different nationalities represented. Having a diverse workforce is a great asset to our business in its capacity to foster innovation, drive creativity and solve customer needs through different cultural perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences,” says Martha Roed, Manging Director of Organisational Development.

“By joining the All Aboard Alliance, we are committed to pave the way for a diverse, equitable and inclusive maritime industry. This is not only important in order to drive innovation, but it is also crucial so that we can hire and retain a talented workforce and meet stakeholder expectations,” she adds.

She is representing G2 Ocean in the All Aboard Alliance and is present at the group’s first high-level meeting which is taking place in Zurich, Switzerland today.

“I’m excited for the launch of the Alliance and eager to share our experience as well as work alongside our fellow members to create meaningful change,” she says.

I am excited for the launch of the Alliance and eager to share our experience as well as work alongside our fellow members to create meaningful change.

Martha Roed

Managing Director of Organisational Development, G2 Ocean

Five principles to follow

The All Aboard Alliance is designed around five All Aboard principles, which G2 Ocean will implement into its internal policies, procedures, and leadership practices.

  1. Appoint a business sponsor to lead and ensure accountability of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organisation
  2. Equip and educate employees to understand their role in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace – from senior leaders through to line managers and team members
  3. Create and maintain an organisational culture of equity and belonging where everyone has equal opportunities to contribute and thrive
  4. Capture relevant data and develop insights to evaluate progress and evolve strategic objectives
  5. Communicate commitment and progress externally on an annual basis

G2 Ocean will report annually on actions and progress made related to each principle.

To retain its competitiveness and to successfully deal with the challenges headed our way, the maritime industry needs to increasingly work together to retain existing talent and attract new.

The All Aboard Alliance is here to lead and facilitate this transformation through the collaboration and actions of its member companies, and to take the immediate steps needed to move from intent to action with an impact.

SuYin Anand

Head of Shipping at South32 and Co-Chair of the All Aboard Alliance

The founding members of the All Aboard Alliance include:

Anglo-Eastern, Ardmore Shipping Corporation, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, Bureau Veritas, Caravel Group, Cargill Ocean Transportation, Danaos Corporation, Dorian LPG, Fednav Limited, Fleet Management, G2 Ocean, GasLog, Gorrissen Federspiel, Hafnia, Höegh Autoliners, Höegh LNG, International Seaways, Lloyd’s Register, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ocean Technologies Group, Purus Marine, South32, Svitzer, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, TURTLE GO, and VIKAND Solutions.

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