G2 Ocean is live

The G2 Ocean employees marked the start of a new adventure May 2nd, celebrating the launch of the company.

Over 300 G2 Ocean employees gathered in the 16 new offices to mark the beginning of G2 Ocean yesterday. The celebration was moved to May 2nd due to holidays in many countries the day before.

– This is a big occasion for us all. We are ready to go forward as G2 Ocean. We are ready to take on the challenges and grasp the opportunities. We are now one team, CEO Rune Birkeland says.

The offices around the world have people from both Gearbulk and Grieg Star. G2 Ocean will combine new ways of working with the legacy from the parent companies.

– We benefit from both being new and having a long and proud history, says Birkeland.

G2 Ocean will operate approximately 90 Open Hatch ships. We will have 27 trade routes, covering all continents. We will also operate 20 conventional bulk vessels, and several vessels on short time TC-agreements. All together G2 Ocean will operate approximately 130 vessels.